How Forward Thinking Can Help Keep Your Business Thriving

When you heard the words, “forward thinker,” what comes to mind?

Maybe someone comes to mind who has great ideas.  Someone who sees things before they are going to happen, and who always turns those ideas and concepts into success.  People may say names like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk.  

This is completely true, but here is where we get it wrong when it comes to thinking and talking about those people . . . 

We think we can see those developing trends like them because they have some special gift, better education, or luck.  Instead, we should be asking ourselves how we can get better, in hopes of creating more success for ourselves.

So how do you develop this forward thinking type of skill???

You pay attention.

If you look around, we all see the beginnings of trends if we look close enough.  Here are some examples:

You start seeing a type of Tik-Tok 2-3 times close together

People’s types of content start to change on Instagram

A certain type of content starts outweighing the others

All of these could be signs for the beginning of a trend.  If this trend makes sense for you and your business, it might be worth exploring.  Because when you’re early to the party, you get the first crack at the food, your choice of drink, and the best spot.  

When you’re last to the party, you get the leftovers, water (because the wine’s gone), and you get the standing spot next to the bathroom.

Moral of the story: don’t be late to the party.  Maybe it used to be cool, but now the cool thing to do, is notice a trend developing before anyone else, and utilize that to help grow the attention and awareness of your page.

Your instagram will thanks us!  Let us know: how do you notice the changing of trends???

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