Brave Your Battles Challenge Day 2 – Kick Fear in the Face

“I know what fear is.  I don’t think that’s a problem for me.”  This was me, for a reeeallllly long time.  I thought my problem was everything BUT fear, but in actuality, it was my main problem.

If you think back to yesterday’s talk of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, you’ll remember just how easy it can be for these thoughts to take hold of your life and business. 

Fear is one of those.  One of the biggest. And the one you will begin to overcome starting today

Can you remember back to a time where you were scared to do something, but you did it anyways?  Regardless of the outcome, how did you feel about acting in the face of fear?

Here’s the great news!  If you did it once, you can do it again.  

We have to break down what you did when you overcame fear, and implement those same actions step into the area where you are feeling fearful


  • DOING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN DOING NOTHING.  The longer you let fear gain momentum, the harder it will be to take action.  Stop fear dead in its tracks by taking any action (no matter how small) towards your goals and dreams.
  • “WHEN IT GETS HARD, REMEMBER THIS IS THE POINT WHERE EVERYONE GIVES UP” (James Wedmore).  If you’re feeling fear, start looking at it as a great thing.  When most people feel fearful, they give up, and retreat back into their comfort zone.  BUT NOT YOU!  You take action in spite of fear, and that is why persevere.
  • HAVE SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE THAT UNDERSTANDS WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH.  If someone has never owned a business before, they can’t really understand the fear you have and the struggles you might go through.  That is why being a part of a group of other entrepreneurs, or having a mentor/coach is so important. They can be a lifeline for you, someone who you can talk with, and navigate through the fear that they most likely have experienced through their entrepreneurial journey.


  • What are the 1-2 big fears that you have right now in your business?
  • How are these fears holding you back from taking steps forward in your business?
  • If I had absolutely NO FEAR in my life, how would I act daily in my business? (Be as specific as possible)


  • Now that you’ve named your fears, and also figured out how you would act if you were fearless, you now see the gap that exists between who you are and who you want to become.
  • List off anything you can think of that could fill that gap between who you are and who you want to become. (Ex. habits, attitudes, values, beliefs, skills, vision)
  • Now write that list on a separate sheet of paper and put in where you will see it constantly.  Those are the things you need to excel at in order to help you alleviate your fear

Facing fear is one of the most challenging things as a business owner.  But if you can figure out the things that are holding you back, you can then begin to mend the gap between you and your ideal, fearless self.

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