Brave Your Battles Challenge Day 1 – Identify Your Barriers

Welcome to the 1st day of our 5-Day Brave Your Battles Challenge!

We have been so excited to launch this challenge with all of you (emoji)

Why you ask?

Because we know just how hard limiting beliefs can be to overcome in your life and in your business.  Things like fear, failure, and scarcity mindset run rampant in our minds, keeping us from reaching our truest potential.

You’ve probably looked on social media and seen other business owners, other coaches that are hitting six-figures, conquering their fears, and make it look oh so easy.

And you’re sitting there thinking, “WTF, how are they doing this!?”

Don’t worry friend, we’ve got you covered, because you’re going to find out what systems to put into place so that you too, can overcome . . . and it starts today (emoji)

Let’s be real, overcoming your limiting beliefs isn’t as simple and fear isn’t as simple as saying a couple of affirmations and you’re good to go.

No no no.

It has to be something so much more than that.

If you want to overcome the hurdles and roadblocks to catapult you into the life and business of your dreams, you’re going to have a set of specific systems in place to get you there.  From the moment you wake up, till the moment you go to sleep, these systems are meant to act as a road map to your best self.

Overcoming these negative beliefs can set you on a path towards your goals and dreams.  Let them control you, however, and you’ll find yourself stuck, wondering why you’re not moving forward.

So you may be wondering, “That all sounds great Jill and Michael, but where the heck do I start!?”

Well let’s take a look . . .


The first step to overcoming your limiting beliefs and fears isn’t that you need more sales, or more followers, or that something is wrong with you, because believe us when we say, none of those are true.

It’s to identify exactly what barriers you believe are holding you back in your life and your business. 

Let’s unpack this.

When things aren’t going according to plan in your business, it can be easy to let these barriers become your inner monologue.  

That voice becomes louder and louder, until you realize it has taken control of your business and your life.

So how do you squash that voice, and step into the life you were meant to live?

By taking a step back, and naming the things that you believe are hindering you

Yes this can be scary, but yes, this is absolutely necessary.

Because here’s the deal: nothing gets fixed by sweeping it under the rug or wishing it away.  

That’s why you’re here.  You want to overcome. You want to grow.  You want to live your authentic, best life possible.

So, let’s get started with today’s reflection!


  • What are some of the limiting beliefs that you have in your life and in your business?
  • When it comes to the areas of your business (money, clients, etc.), do you find that you have a scarcity mindset?
  • Why do you feel like your mindset isn’t in the place that it should be?


  1. Write your answers down in your journal and reply to this email with your answers.  There is something so powerful and naming fears and limiting beliefs. Plus, we want to be here to support you in your mindset journey.
  2. In your journal next to where you wrote your limiting beliefs, write how you would like to be, feel, and act as your ideal self.  Write about your happiest self, and what that would look like in your life and in your business!

So grab that journal and get ready to conquer that fear and those limiting beliefs.  We can’t wait to watch you step into the life you always meant to have!

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