What Goals Are And What Goals Aren`t

Now you know what a goal is, and the types that you can apply to your life, you are ready to start setting goals in the various areas of your life. Goals are a necessary part of furthering your life and development, yet a lot of times people get confused on the actual reasoning behind setting goals.

People look at achieving goals as an all-or-nothing type of scenario. That if you hit your goals, you’re “successful”, but if you don’t there is something wrong with you, or you are a failure. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you set goals, you are setting benchmarks for the person you hope to become in the future.

By setting these goals, we have already began the process of choosing to better ourselves in some area of our life. This, in a of itself, is a success. The other choice would be to not set goals, and just hope that you grow and get better over the next year, which isn’t bound to go well.

Additionally, say that you don’t hit your goal. While yes this may be disheartening, you must also look at the progress that you did make towards achieving your goal. Had you not set that goal for yourself, you would have been even further away from achieving your goal had you not had one in the first place.

A goal is something for you to strive towards. A direction for you to go. Can you imagine if you wanted to go cross country, but tried to do it without any directions? That is the equivalent of running through life without setting goals. People wonder why things haven’t changed when 5, 10, or 15 years pass, it is because they haven’t made a conscious effort to set goals in their life to continue to move forward.

At the heart of everything you want in life, there is a goal behind it that will get you there. Want to make more money, then you might set a goal to start learning more at your job. Want to save more money, you could great a goal around sticking to a budget you make. Want to eat healthier, you set a goal to eat out only one time every week. No matter what improvement you want to make to your life, a goal will help get you there.

Goals are a necessity if you want to personally and professionally develop yourself. They motivate and inspire people to want to grow and change. They bridge the gap between us and our dreams, and show us that we truly are capable of setting our minds to anything we do, if we’re willing to put in the work.

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