You vs. Your Holiday Stress

We are the thick of it now! Right in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas, when tensions are usually at their highest. Plans are being made, gifts are being purchased, and constant traffic is attempting to be maneuvered without going insane! The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, especially with all the things we have going on.

So how does one do it? How do you stay calm during this holiday season? Today we will lay out for you 5 fail-proof ways to keep calm when everyone around you is losing theirs.

The first tip, and most important, is to plan ahead. It happens every year where something gets added to your calendar, or something gets changed, and it throws you into a tailspin. The reason is because most of us have some idea of what events we have, but we don’t use anything concrete to keep track and re-evaluate when it comes to our calendar.

Using your calendar allows you to schedule not only your activities, but also downtime as well. With the increased demands the holidays bring you need to make sure to allow extra time for yourself to recuperate. Ideally you want to schedule these in the afternoons, as this is the time when we need that energy boost the most.

Tip #2 is to stick to a budget. This one gets a lot of people into trouble this time of the year. We have friends, and family, and co-workers, and before we know it, we’ve done one of two things: Spent way more money that we had initially planned, or even worse, spent way too much but didn’t have a budget at all.

I know that we love people, and love buying them presents, but we also have to think about our long-term financial goals. Financially speaking, it makes no sense going into debt buying presents, only to have to spend the next year (or 5 years) paying off that debt. There are two things that you can do to solve this problem, and they are planning and saving.

First, plan how much you are going to spend on each person, according to how much you have set aside to spend. This is where saving comes in. Rather than trying to squeeze every penny out of November and December, why not save a little every month? That way when Christmas comes around you’ve been saving up for the whole year and it is less of a financial burden.

Tip #3 is a tough one, but you need to set aside any differences that you may have with friends and/or family members you may come in contact with over the holiday season. Holidays are sometimes the one time we see extended family, and it some cases, people we don’t necessarily get along with.

These times can be stressful, unless we choose otherwise. This year is the year you choose to be the bigger person, take the high road, and avoid conflict with this person. If you really feel like you need to resolve something with this person, choose a more appropriate setting at a later time to have that conversation.

Tip #4 is to not completely abandon your healthy habits. You didn’t work out and eat salads all year to dive face first into pie and ice cream did you? Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time to let the diet slide a little bit, but notice what I said there . . . a little bit! Try to keep snacking to a minimum and your portions moderate. Your waistline will thank you later.

The last tip is to be present. Stop worrying and have fun! Thanksgiving and Christmas only come once a year, so relax and enjoy yourself. Any worry that you have will be there tomorrow, but this Christmas, you choose to be present and enjoy every moment!

What is your favorite part about the holidays??? Let us know in the comments below!

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