Summer Reading List – Own Your Day by Jordan Lee Dooley

It’s still hot out here in California which mean’s its still summer and it’s not going away any time soon. Last year’s summer lasted through October so we’ve got plenty of time to finish up our summer book series. We’re wrapping up this Summer Reading List with our final book, Own Your Day by Jordan Lee Dooley.

Have you ever picked up a book and when you started reading you felt like your best friend in the whole world was talking to you? Like she’s sitting right next to you and you’re watching reruns of Boy Meets World sharing a too small blanket and a bowl full of popcorn. Anybody do that with their best friend, just me? Ok then! Well when you start reading Dooley’s Own Your Day, you’ll feel like you’re getting the most honest talk from your best friend ever. That was the warm and fuzzy feeling I got from reading Own Your Day.

I’m absolutely in love with this book! If you haven’t read it yet which you should go get it right now, Dooley fell into a small business when she was in college and which started to pick up over time. While working away with her friends in her sorority house, she observed milestones her and her friends would make in their live and include them in the captions on her social media. Her content was so relatable that women began to follow her for her experience and wisdom she would share. From there she blew up and this book is a product of all the growth she’s been through on her journey.

I love how incredibly kind and gentle this book is while giving you some hard truths you probably need to hear. Dooley’s words wrap you in a warm blanket that says, “I’ve been there too and you can get through this because I did too.” Her stories are extremely relatable from perfectionism to emotional eating and emotional stuffing, she bears her soul in an effort to help you recognize and overcomes your worst habits.

What I loved about reading this myself is identifying the areas I still struggle with self deprecation, comparison, and perfectionism. But with Dooley’s help, I’m working on identifying when those feelings arise and replacing them with more positive thoughts. Through love and gratitude, Dooley shows you how to appreciate all the things you are instead of all the things you aren’t. Go pick this book up today! It’s a game changer.

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