Summer Reading List – The Latte Factor by David Bach

Have you ever read a book that shook your world? Or one that made you rethink everything you are doing with your life. Well, The Latte Factor by David Bach was the book that shook my world and opened my eye to the reality at hand. I absolutely loved this book by Bach. I think I read it in three days because I was so sucked in and learning so much at the same time. This book seriously made me reevaluate the direct of my life, what I was doing currently, and how I should be planning for the future.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Why don’t I start from the beginning. I recently heard David Bach on a podcast talking about his family and life’s work. His first book, Smart Women Finish Rich was inspired by his grandmother who radically decided to learn and start investing the little money her and her husband had. Over the years, she was able to make one million dollars with basic financial strategies, saving, and investing. She taught all she knew to Bach while he was growing up and he wrote the first book inspired by everything he taught her. Throughout his career as a financial planner, he was seeing many women come into his office who’s husbands had passed away and they didn’t know anything about their finances. From there he knew he was called to help educate women on how to run healthy finances.

Fast forward years later, Bach has just published The Latte Factor. A great story about a young woman who starts to realize she was not set herself up the best to manage and save her money. Along her journey, she meets new friends who teach her the value of money, saving, and investing in her future. i won’t give too much away but this book was so easy to read. This book is super special in the delivery and the overall message. Bach made the all of the complexities of investing so easy to understand and how the value of paying yourself first can set you up for a better quality life.

This book made me think about my own path. I think too often we get caught up in the 9-5 working for someone else’s dream and we forget we have dreams of our own. This book honestly made me want to take ownership over our fiances and be on Michael’s team in regard to our money. Now we plan and manage together along with searching for the next step for us. Our research led us to starting this blog. We know we have value to add and we’d rather invest our time into ourselves rather than our boss’ dreams. Don’t mistake me, we are incredible grateful for our jobs but we have always had a desire to be our own boss and be in charge of our own life among many other dreams. Bach’s book was the first tip in the domino effect to Michael and I working toward our future. Read The Latte Factor for yourself and see how it can change your life!

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