Summer Reading List – Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Hey friends! Time to move on to our next book on the summer book list. Get ready to have your mind rocked! I’m talking about the legendary, the incomparable, the queen, no not Beyonce, Rachel Hollis! If you haven’t heard of Rachel Hollis you are seriously missing out. She is the author of many books but the one that caught my eye was Girl, Wash Your Face, her first book written to women about personal growth. If that wasn’t enough, she blessed us with a second book and this is the one we’re going to talk about, Girl, Stop Apologizing! I grabbed this book in the early launch before it came out and read it cover-to-cover. I picked it up again for this summer series so I could be refreshed in all the amazing gold nuggets in the nooks and crannies of this book.

This book is one of my favorite books of all time. I have a serious girl crush on Rachel Hollis because of everything she has taught me in the last year, including through this book. Girl, Stop Apologizing gives step-by-step advice on how to set goals and actually create a road map to achieve them. Before you start your journey of working toward your goals, Hollis sets up and breaks down the lies we tell ourselves as women. Things like my dreams are too big, women don’t go for goals like this, or I can’t be a good wife/mama/daughter/fill in the blank and go for my goals. I honestly have to admit, some of the chapters were hard to read in the sense that they were packed with truth in ways and excuses I have said or lived my whole life. After a chapter, I’d have to put it down and say to myself, “That hurt.. ouch… but I can’t argue, it’s true.” I really appreciated how the beginning of the books breaks down those stupid stigmas and lies we tell our selves that hold us back from pursuing whatever we want in life. Whether that be a career, or a business, or being a stay-at-home mama, or creating a line of cookware, whatever. We as women need to stop making excuses and start getting to work.

One of my favorite quotes from her that resonated loud and clear for me was, “Other people’s opinions are none of my business.” This blew my mind with the truth that rang through different areas of my life. It does not matter what anyone thinks about you, if matters what you think about you. You’ve got this one shot at this one life and Rachel Hollis reminds us that we are the ones living it, not your mom, or sister, or friend, or hairstylist, this is your life and you are responsible for how you live it.

Anyway, now that I’m all fired up, seriously go get Girl, Stop Apologizing! It will give you that boost you can only get from a coach who pushes you to do your best and go beyond what you think you’re capable of. If you haven’t read Girl, Wash Your Face I would start with that one because it is a great warm up to Girl, Stop Apologizing. Then all together we can stop apologizing for dumb things and start taking ownership of our lives! Let’s do this!

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