Get to Know Us and Our Vision

First and foremost, I would like to say welcome, and thank you so much for checking out our blog! Why write a blog, especially when there are so many blogs created by so many amazing people out there? I guess what it came down to was that we felt like we both had unique perspectives to offer when it came to various topics having to do with personal growth and development. By no means would we call ourselves “experts” or claim that we have it all together, or that we are perfect, because trust me, I’m not (my wife can attest to that). We have simply learned some amazing things from some amazing people throughout our lives, as well as books, seminars, audios, etc. that we feel is our responsibility to share with others, to give back in hopes that these things we have learned will help you in some area of your life.

Why “Grit + Grace”? Well, we first came up with idea when we thinking about how much different we are as people. My wife, Jill, is amazing. She has a gift. Everybody loves her. She’s that kind of woman that you meet and instantly feel like you’ve known for years. She makes you feel like you’re best friends and that you’re the most important person in the room. She genuinely cares about everyone as if they were a member of her family. She has patience when things aren’t going exactly as planned, and is quick to give credit to others when things go right. She epitomizes the word grace to me.

Myself, on the other hand, tend to focus more on the grind, on the hustle. Don’t get me wrong, I love people and look to add value wherever I can, but growing up not having much, I have always focused on hustling my face off every single minute of every single day. Good or bad, it was how I was raised. Mowing lawns at 12 years old to make money, working summers to pay for school clothes in the fall, it’s what I grew up doing. If there is a goal or a dream I have, I will stop at nothing to make sure that dream becomes a reality.

Throughout our journey together, you’ll get to know the both of us. How we grew up, how we think, our biggest accomplishments as well as our biggest learning experiences (we don’t use the word failures in this house). Our fears, our doubts, and who we are at our core, both individually and together as a couple, because truthfully, we could not be more different as people. But I think that is what makes our relationship so unique, so special, is that I can truly say that she completes me as a person. She fills in the gaps where Lord knows, I definitely need it. We will also introduce you to tools and resources that have helped us throughout our journey, one that we continue to travel on everyday. Our hope is that our experiences will help someone out there who is looking to grow in a certain area of his or her life, just as they have helped us get to where we are now.

Our promise to you is that we will always be raw and real with you, because honestly, that’s what you deserve, the truth. Personal development is hard, it is the road less traveled, but it will be something that your future self will thank you for. Over the past few years we have learned so much, that has helped us in so many areas of our lives, that we felt we had to share it with the rest of the world. So thank you, for reading this, for joining us on this journey. We consider each of you friends, and hope that we can help you in some way, shape, or form as we navigate through this one life together.

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